Thursday, July 28, 2011

And counting...

Softly whispered,
“You’re the most handsome man here.”
And he smiles.
Falling asleep, he doesn’t’ even think
about the fact
that his attitude
is only that of someone
admired, adored and slightly stalked.

“I had the biggest crush on you in high school,”
repeated over. AND over.
She feels ill.
All hail high school reunions…

This Friday 55 is semi-factual. Who loves high school reunions?
Not I - and especially not when it turns out to be so - I don't know - ODD.
My ten year was normal - we'd seen each other too recently.
(The first person to pick out a fellow blogger in this photo wins a very cool prize, by the way).

Why does everyone fall back into their old persona?
The jocks hang together, only the popular ones at that table...
The saving grace was being adored - still - by my husband's best buddies from Jr High,
that we see frequently. Thank the goddess...
Otherwise, there would have been blood.
G-Man, you'd bail me out... RIGHT?
(Visit him, leave a trail of breadcrumbs.... and he'll visit you back. Promise.)