Saturday, October 22, 2011


A growl erupts from the corner. The beast turns vicious fangs to me, moments before he lunges for my throat... to give me a big, sloppy kiss. Stupid dog.

This Sunday 160 is brought to you by the letter E (for Ezmund) and the number 38, Stanford's score as I write this. Oh, and it's dedicated to Monkey Man, who writes stuff. And is watching the Stanford game while the pizza cools. Hi, MM.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Months and months and months

Life is what happens
while you're busy making
other plans
so I'm told.

Did you know
that peanut butter
on a spoon
cures hiccups?

And the sound of
coyotes at night
outside your hotel room window
can cure a major
case of the blues?

Only if
you married a Monkey
and he knows your secrets.

This Friday 55 is for G-Man
who makes me want to write on Friday
and Monkey Man
who made me laugh on Monday
just like most every day.

I want to thank
Kramers, and Old Mills, and ghost stories
wishing for Sasquatch
coyotes outside my door
peaceful quiet
and men who tip
their hats at me
and wave as they pass.

Happy 19th, MM
and many more -
(with coyotes).