Saturday, May 28, 2011

The armory - 160

Dreams swirl.
Sleep escapes me
as another comment
meant to sting
digs deeply
into my very soul.

It was meant to drive a wedge
so wedge it is.
Mine has barbs on the end.

The one-and-only Monkey Man plays this game every Sunday.
Write a story in 160 characters, including spaces. No more, no less.
Play along, if you dare - but be warned... the depth of emotions can be felt
even in such small places.


Brian Miller said...

yikes. the tongue is the sharpest of swords...

mine will be up around midnite...

G-Man said...

I'll just shut up!

Loved your 160 PG

Have a great week....G

Possum said...

Wow...or should I say Ouch.

Jingle said...

lovely 160.
beautiful words to chew on
bless your weekend.

Chef Kar said...

A barbed tongue is nothing to be played gently with. Powerful. Telling.

Here's mine: The Visit

Evelyn said...

"so wedge it is"
bad ass...