Sunday, March 6, 2011



if this
is real
or if it’s just my

But I believe
what I know
in my heart as the truth.

I think thou dost
protest a bit too much.


How many 160s have such a cute subject?
MM seems to think he is immune to the allure of a cute one
But I know better, have seen him fall before.

If not for a kind samaritan, calling animal control
The brute would have had a puppy to play with.

Maybe next time...
Like a text message,
the Sunday 160 only uses 160 characters (including spaces)
Keep on schedule - post Sunday 
he'll read them all and ignore his kids - and the brute. 


Monkey Man said...

Hard exterior and a heart of moosh. You know me all too well. Must be love.

Monkey Man said...

Oh, almost forgot. Thanks for playing along with the Sunday 160. You are a talented addition I can't wait to read more of. Share with us.

G-Man said...

Well Well Well....
The prodigal daughter returns.
Loved your 160 Rachel, welcome back!!

Brian Miller said...

smiles. nicely played...a little bit of protesting going on these days...nice 160

Jingle said...

This is super cute one..

well done 160.

avoid the clap said...

This was fun. Hope to see more.

kavisionz said...

Awww... now isn't that a cutie?! And no, I don't htink it's imagination... it's all too real indeed!
Loved the last 2 lines a lot!! They seemed to take the poem to a different plane altogether! A very well woven 160!!