Friday, March 25, 2011

Dance of the 7 veils

If I snap my fingers, 
filled with cymbals
will you follow?

Is there someone out there
that leads you
draws you
tempts you

Like a silhouette in the snow
a pond in the frost
or the sun peeking out.

Someplace,  home calls you.

Your mother's voice when the lights come on
Your fathers glare when perfect fails
Do-overs that last for hours and hours
and leave you knowing
you'll never be

But you sustain,
holding tightly to a dream
and a wish
for a better time, a better place
a warmer heart to hold yours.

Better times are coming
and when they go again
you will still be


Shanae Branham said...

Wow! I love this poem. I also thought your caption on your header was adorable. i like your perspective. I especially liked the thought provoking me to wonder if there was "someone out there who leads you (me)...draws you (me) or tempts you (me) awake". today it was you and this poem.

Monkey Man said...

You are such an amazing talent. My heart. My home.

Brian Miller said... willnever be it but...i like you bring it back to a positive note...easily relatable...i enjoy your poetry...

Alice Audrey said...

This comes together really well, especially at the end. It's a way of thinking that has gotten me through some really bad times.

Dianne said...

this captures all the places to be warm and cuddled.
life is what we make it, so hard to take it!
have a great weekend.

Amropali said...

This felt one of the old Hindi songs that my mother used to play sometimes of the record when I was a kid.


Jingle Poetry said...

love your poetry, welcome share 1 to 3 poems with our poetry potluck today.