Monday, March 7, 2011


Has it really been a year?

Maybe that's why I see you when I tun around, find myself watching the streetcar for your familiar face, wandering the aisles of your favorite haunts, wondering if the days could really turn into months and then a year.

This anniversary is melancholy. I walk the steps you used to take, wishing for your laughter on the phone, your playful (and HORRIBLE) jokes, a seanie-ism to share.

A year ago this week, I watched you say goodbye to so many that love you. You said your last words to me, to Sara, to your boy you adored. I got to hear stories of your adventures, watch your son wake up from a long, deep hibernation, prepare you for what you feared the most - and longed for so deeply.

Time moves, even now, and I hear your footsteps, see you dancing in the hall.

When sunlight streams in, your shadow glides through the warmth. When I see a flash of light, you come and go from the room in an instant - but I know that you were there. Can smell your Chanel #5, if only for a moment.

Happy Anniversary of another day we shared for many, many years. Happy Anniversary to the memories of Sunriver, bad hair days and quilts that turned into forts.

Yes, I miss you - but I know you're close whenever I need you. What mischief are you up to today?

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Monkey Man said...

That mischievious little imp. Scrunching her nose and laughing at her own jokes. This is a beautiful tribute. She was blessed by your love and support. Still is.