Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Things I had forgotten
lay hidden in the mist
Quietude and poison
await a brand new tryst

Afraid I seek
a kind embrace
and slowly slink away,
Amassed our worlds
our troubling
at night and in the day.

I wake to find you wandering
alone and troubled still
a soft goodbye is all you get
I hope it brings a thrill.

paths will lead us
through fields and forests past
Today I find
an open mind
Embracing what can't last.


Brian Miller said...

ugh. sounds like tough least you know...

Brian Miller said...

and in case you did not see my reply...autofill plays all kinds of tricks on me.

Pheromone Girl said...

Thanks, Brian but for the record, all is well. I wrote this and the previous post when I was young and sad and ran across them the other day. I can't write NEARLY as well when I'm happy - Drat!

G-Man said...

Beautiful yet sad.
We all could live this one PG..

Monkey Man said...

Why is it that angst, depression and sadness make such great bedfellows for inspired writing? Guess that's why I stick to humor for the most part.

Alice Audrey said...

I prefer the mist that titillates and thrills with threats of poison and facts of comfort.

moondustwriter said...

I agree with you about writing - the best stuff is driven by emotion ( high or low) but that doesn't rule out the good days that are light hearted.

Lucky you had these saved