Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Things misunderstood

What is it
that makes one
cry out for attention
when it's right in front of your face?

What makes one
need, crave, aspire
such adoration
and never see
what exists inside four walls?


You see
only things you want
and need
and you give
nothing in return.

unless, of course
it serves you well.

Make haste to find
worshipful sighs
in others
before it withers away
due to boredom
or malaise.

Roll your eyes at me
and say everything
without uttering
a word.

Starvation breeds
and the painful wounds
you manufacture
in your fantasy
only prove your
depth. Or lack

Go forth and build
your life
as a lie
and continue
to be
all the things
When you failed.

Truth or fiction
your lies


Alice Audrey said...

That's a poem with some bite. There have been a few people I wouldn't mind reading it to.

Brian Miller said...

whew, i can feel the frustration and angst...when the other is not responding and even though you try to give them the attention they desire...tough place...

Olivia said...

I agree with this one hundred percent..
I have been there previously and am again stuck up within the same confines.. now decided to move on.. reason- contempt!

Well said
Hugs xx