Sunday, April 3, 2011


She dances down the halls
giggling as she goes
awakening in all of us
a longing
for what's

I left my home
when I was young
and spent
so many years
building new ones
out of ashes
of dreams
that turned to flame.

Wishing for a new home,
forever wandering
and waiting
for its appearance
in the headlights,
across the park -
or in the rearview mirror.

I wake
to find it
as it always was.
Home is where YOU are
home is not the walls
or the view
it's not the couch
or the photos on the wall.

If everything left in
a flood of flame
would be
the only
I save.

OK, maybe the dog, too.
He's kinda cute.


G-Man said...

Oh you'd save more than that...
Home IS where the heart is.

Brian Miller said...

ha, yes the dog is...and Home is people far more than walls...nice bit of verse...

Monkey Man said...


I know the feeling well.

Alice Audrey said...

LOL. Yep, cute dog. Kinda.

I'd have to extend my "you" to the kids as well as my hubby.